Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mission 1

If you are a member of the SWS Here are the mission guides.
First you have to go to Flem Manor and click the grey statue thing then it should load up with a room, in that room click on where it says missions(at the side.)
It says you have to find a key.
The key is in Castle Gam:

When you go into the first room you will find this picture on the wall

Complete the puzzle so it looks like this to go into the next room

Click and drag the hook in the left corner and drag it towards the other hook on the ceiling and pull it downwards

click and drag the paintbrush behind the statue into the water and onto the wet me banner

click the button above the chimes to find out which chime is which note

play the notes using the stick above the chimes

once you play the first set of notes a blue set will apear play these to open the door

start at 1 in roman numerals then click on 2 to jump onto it until you get to 10

click on the statue when it appears and collect your reward

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Beanoz4 said...

Guys heres a tip on the picture thing start from the bottim and work your way to the top!
hope this helps


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